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PONY UP Membership and Support Drive

Do you dislike selling “stuff” to raise funds for an organization? Guess what? We do too! With that in mind, in lieu of tasking students and parents with selling items no one really wants, Orchard Ranch PTC is pleased to offer a tax-deductible option to take the hassle out of fundraising. Your participation is completely voluntary and very much appreciated!

Your participation in the Pony Up drive will go towards your PTC membership for the 2018-2019 school year. A PTC membership keeps you up to date on school functions and allows you to vote on things such as new board members and how we spend funds. Please note that even if you contribute to the Pony Up drive, you will continue to receive fundraising information throughout the year

You can either donate online or drop this PONY UP FLYER FORM and your donation in the PTC dropbox in the school office.

If you’d like to set up a payment plan for your donation, please contact our at

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